Sponsor: Flyos Games

For this installment of the Canadian Annual (inter)National Event, the Domain of Montreal and Canada at Midnight have teamed-up with Montreal-based White Wolf licensee Flyos Games, ahead of their hotly-anticipated Kickstarter campaign for the Vampire: The Masquerade: CHAPTERS game!

Canada at Midnight members, and indeed all gamers, LARPers, and friends of CAiNE throughout the world, will be able to make their pledge for this unique RPG-in-a-box when it goes live on February 4th, 2020, using the following dedicated link:


As a reward, Flyos Games is granting CAiNE 2020 a sponsorship of 5% of the value of your Pledges; a live presentation and playtest of Vampire: The Masquerade CHAPTERS at CAiNE 2020; and our own unique stretch goal: if sales exceed a specified target, Flyos Games will be creating, in association with Canada at Midnight, a LARP module tailored on CHAPTERS for all to enjoy!

So get those Pledges ready, #vamily!