Convention Space

The Montreal LARP scene has utilized the Masonic Temple for almost two decades now, ever since an upstart troupe back in 2000 answered an ad in a local newspaper. Canada at Midnight is being granted trusted access and a dedicated storage locker for Domain props, on account of the many Venues being held at that location over more than a decade’s time.

For convention purposes, two floors, as well as the ballroom entrance at street level, will be made available to the membership. Each floor includes a bathroom, a common (OOC) room, and two or three furnished luxury rooms, complete with carpeting, row seating, thrones, meeting tables, balconies overlooking the main gala rooms, and side doors. While this location is not equipped with Wifi, the Domain intends to rent a commercial hotspot at competitive prices for any of the OOC rooms.

Okay, that’s sexy.

For our mobility-impaired attendees, two manual elevators can be manned by local volunteers. The ballroom entrance has but a few steps, and we are looking into increasing accessibility through the potential use of ramps.

….okay, we get it, it’s lit.

This prime location is provided to us on account of the long, fruitful relationship the Montreal Domain has enjoyed with the Montreal Freemasons. A Code of Conduct will be on display for all activities within this game venue. We ask for your collaboration to ensure this Code of Conduct is respected at all times.