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Discover our Charity: the Cancer Research Society of Canada

For CAiNE 2020, we will offer proceeds to the Cancer Research Society. Accounting for the fact that approximately one in two Canadians (49% of men, 45% of women) will receive a precursor-to-cancer or cancer diagnostic in their lifetime, and one out of four Canadians (28% of men and 24% of women) is expected to die from cancer, it is safe to say that the majority of Canada at Midnight members’ lives have been touched in one way or another by these diseases. This is a cause everyone can rally behind. 

What is the CRS?

The Cancer Research Society is a national not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to fund research on all types of cancer to help prevent, detect, and treat this disease.

Cancer is complex since it’s not one but many diseases: there are over 200 different types of cancer. It’s also quick and elusive, like a moving target. It can evolve rapidly which makes it difficult to treat. But thanks to research, amazing progress was unveiled in recent years. Some types of cancer that historically had poor outcomes now see five-year survival rates surpassing 70, 80 and even 90 %. And advancements keep coming.

Sadly, cancer remains the leading cause of death in the country. Our best weapon to reverse this is research. Which is why the CRS is committed to research, and only research as we believe it’s our best weapon to outsmart cancer.

The CRS supports cancer researchers from leading research institutions across the country who aim to outsmart cancer. How exactly can we outsmart cancer? Through better and earlier diagnosis and treatments, as well as by understanding how it comes about in order to help prevent it.

Donor accountability goes hand in hand with the CRS’ mission. Without the generosity of donors, they could not carry out their mission of financing cancer research. As such, they have made it a core principle to ensure that donor dollars are allocated efficiently and effectively.

As part of this commitment, the Society adheres to the Imagine Canada Standards Program which guides our country’s charitable organizations in their responsible governance objectives. The guidelines are strict and the CRS is proud to be among its accredited organizations.