Pre-event Auction

The Domain of Montreal will set up an online silent auction for IC items of interest prior to CAiNE. These will be in-game benefits for the various Venues being run at CAiNE, accessible only during CAiNE. For a few examples, won items could provide with characters a 5-dot Haven for the convention; the position of Harpy or Speaker of the Conclave; being admitted in the entourage of a venerated Garou Elder NPC; or being singled out by Storytellers for inclusion in a special plot-relevant event.

Silent Auction

Take-home items relevant to gaming culture will be presented and up for silent auction from the opening ceremonies to closing ceremonies. There will be books, props, games and other items of note available to all. The winning bids will be uncovered at the closing ceremonies, prior to the final auction.

Post-Event take-home Auction

Finally, a live auction of Venue-specific items (with corresponding Approval numbers) will take place at the closing ceremonies. It is our intention to have these items be as complete and detailed as possible prior to convention weekend, so players can claim them with no possible delays.